Paying for your tour or holiday

Flow Travel will issue an official quotation, which you will need to sign as your acceptance. We will then issue an invoice to you, which will stipulate the payment terms. You will need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking. You will be advised on this amount by Flow Travel (Pty) Ltd. The deposit required will vary from trip to trip. The terms of payment will be stated on your invoice. Please note that the deposit amount is non-refundable. The balance of your invoice can be paid according to the agreed payment terms as stated on the invoice. Should your deposit or the balance not be paid in time we cannot confirm your travel arrangements. The payment terms will depend on our travel partners and will be communicated to you once you have approved our quotation and an invoice has been issued to you.

Cancellations and Amendments

  1. If you cancel

Should you have to cancel your holiday or tour with us, we require a cancellation request in writing. If you cancel your booking a cancellation charge may apply depending on the terms of our travel partners. This charge may be 100% of the cost. The cancellation terms will be communicated to you on your quotation and/or invoice.

  1. If we cancel

We reserve the right to cancel your booking on the following conditions:

  • Failure by you to pay the balance of your invoice.
  • Circumstances beyond our control even after all the necessary measures were taken to avoid cancellation.
  • If we have not reached the minimum number of travellers for group travel packages.
  1. Amendments

Once we have issued your invoice as confirmation and you would like to make amendments to your booking, an amendment charge may apply. Please note that amendments depend on availability with our travel partners. We do, however, try our best to keep to original amounts quoted.

Changes made to your booking by Flow Travel (Pty) Ltd

  1. Changes in pricing from our travel partners:

Changes in pricing such as taxes and fees imposed by our travel partners, increases in landing taxes or embarkation and disembarkation fees at ports and airports and fluctuating exchange rates may influence the price of your travel package after your initial booking. We will not, however, make any changes to your travel package prices within 20 days of your departure date. Any increases will be discussed with you once we are notified of them by our travel partners. We will require your acceptance of any increases in writing.

  1. Other changes that can be made to your booking
    1. Insignificant changes

We are able to make changes to any aspect of your booking. We will notify you of any changes to your booking. Such changes may include alterations to your departure or return flights by less than 24 hours, small changes to the itinerary, changes to aircraft type and changes to your accommodation to another of the same standard or a higher standard if needed.

    1. Significant changes

If we encounter circumstances that will change your booking significantly, we will contact you and give you the option of accepting the changes or a full refund of what you have paid can be arranged. We can offer you an alternative package that you can consider. In this instance, we will refund you the price difference should the new package be of a lower value.

Please ensure that you read all notifications from us regarding any changes and respond promptly. Should you not respond within the timeframe given, your booking may be cancelled.

Flow Travel’s liability to you
Please ensure that you inform us of any improper performance of the services included in your package. If any services are not performed in accordance to your package, by us or any of our travel partners and if it is affecting the enjoyment of your holiday or tour, you may be entitled to an appropriate price reduction. We cannot, however, be liable for any improper performance because of you or any member of your family or group. We are also not liable for extraordinary circumstances beyond our control.
Baggage: We are not liable for lost or damaged luggage or the loss or damage of contents in your luggage.
Travel arrangements: We shall not be liable for any errors and omissions of our travel partners, injury, accidents, delays or missed connections.
Activities: Flow Travel shall not be held liable for any injury, disability or death that may arise from participation of travellers in any activities offered on our tours.

If you have a complaint while you are away of any service included in your package, inform us immediately so we can endeavour to resolve the matter. Our contact details will be made available to you on your itinerary.

If we cannot resolve the matter while you are away, follow up with us within 14 days of your return by emailing your complaint to

Additional Assistance
If you experience any difficulties whilst on holiday, we will provide you with appropriate assistance particularly by providing information on the local authorities, health services and consular assistance. We will also assist you in finding alternative arrangements by making the necessary phone calls and sending the necessary emails. An additional fee may be charged for the costs incurred by us should the difficulty be your fault.

Travel Documents
It is the responsibility of the travellers to ensure that they are in possession of all the necessary travel documents, visas and re-entry documents. We will prepare all documents and vouchers for land arrangements once we have received your final payment.

Additional excursions
Should you partake in any additional excursions whilst on your holiday that is not part of the package we sold to you, your contract will be with the operator that arranged the excursions for you and not with us. We cannot be held responsible for anything that might happen during the course of your additional excursion.

All travellers are required to take out comprehensive travel insurance in the event of a personal accident, medical emergency, cancellation and curtailment, loss of luggage and operator or airline default. We can include this cost in your quotation upon your request. If you would prefer to book your own travel insurance, we require proof of this before you depart for your trip. This is required to confirm your booking with us.

Health Regulations
It is the responsibility of the traveller to check with their doctor or local travel clinic if there are any specific health requirements for the relevant destination/s.

Payment Methods
We offer payment via bank transfer or by credit card. Please note that there is a surcharge of 3.5% should you decide to pay with a credit card.