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(Image: Tara Turkington/Flow Communications)
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(Image: Flow Communications)

About Flow Travel

Flow Travel focuses on creating bespoke travel experiences for discerning people. We specialise in authentic, customised trips in Africa and beyond, including India, the Far East, Europe and the Americas.


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Postcards from Argentina

Argentina is the sexy steps and sultry stares of the tango, born in the early streets of Buenos Aires, brought to life by a tangle of dock workers from Europe and Africa ...

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Kate Turkington revisits Namibia
Go, Namibia!

Namibia. This amazing African country is one of superlatives – it has the oldest desert in the world, the world’s oldest living plants, the highest sand dunes, a world-famous game reserve incorporating a mighty salt pan, some of the world’s strangest creatures, the biggest open-air collection of rock art … The list is impressive.

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