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Flow Travel focuses on creating bespoke travel experiences for discerning people. We specialise in authentic, customised trips in Africa and beyond, including India, the Far East, Europe and the Americas.


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Sundowners at Tiger Canyon
South Africa’s Tiger Canyon in pictures

Tiger Canyon, one of the most unusual wildlife and safari parks in the world – it has the only expanding population of wild tigers outside of Asia – offers a unique experience to get up close to wild tigers and cheetahs. Situated near Philippolis in the Karoo, Tiger Canyon is distinctly different – the solar-powered lodge on the lip of a spectacular canyon, the drives in the reserve with the guides, the vistas, the surreal spirituality, the stars, its golden hour for photography, and the personal touch.

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Boats by the sea
Magical Malta

Sunshine, history, great food, excellent infrastructure, easy communication and friendly people – Malta has it all. Remember being taught that Italy is like a boot, and that Sicily is the island in the Mediterranean being kicked by the boot? Look on the map under Sicily and you’ll find a small archipelago strategically situated between Europe and Africa. Small it may be, but its main island, Malta, and the neighbouring island of Gozo are full of enough delights and surprises to lift the spirits of even the most jaded traveller.

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