Flow Travel is an experienced and expert events and conferences organiser. We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet all their requirements for their conferences and events. Part of this is understanding what the client would like to achieve from their event, and then helping to bring this to life. Here are some of the services we offer:

Audiovisual, sound, lighting and staging

Audio-visual, sound, lighting and staging requirements are managed on a project
basis with clear guidelines stipulated for the clients’ budget, objectives, theme and audience.

We have an in-house technical team that will be there for you, every step of the way.

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Online and hybrid events

At Flow Travel, we are experts at organising and managing digital and hybrid events from start to finish, and have won multiple awards for this work. We have a custom-built app for staging large events digitally, and have organised online meetings and conferences for small groups and for audiences of thousands.

We offer interpretation services for online events in South African and international languages (French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.). Online viewers have the choice of listening to an audio channel in their preferred language.


Making the right impression on your audience starts by defining your objectives and visually representing your organisation’s brand, as well as the brand of the event itself. Our in-house team can create an event logo and look and feel, and we are able to brand any elements for your event that you require, including the stage, décor, stationery and speaker and delegate gifts.

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We take all aspects of the event into consideration, to ensure the correct catering theme is in place e.g. light lunch during summer or 4-course menu for a glitzy gala event.

We ensure that all food preferences and diets are catered for including vegan, vegetarian, nut allergies, gluten free, Halal, Kosher, etc.

We are also experts at sourcing local food and beverages.

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Hotels, venues and restaurants

We will assist you in finding the hotel or venue that suits your event and requirements. Part of our offering will be to assist with contract negotiation and management, as well as supplier payments. We will be on site to be the liaison between all the suppliers and the client.

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We will provide the client with different venue choices to inspect with ourselves and discuss the options for the set up and décor of the event. Our team has worked widely in Southern Africa and overseas where there has been a requirement to style venues appropriately. The entire management of the décor is taken into account, from the flowers to the design and printing of menu cards. Our team is able to arrange and support small executive dinners as well as larger functions.


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We have established relationships with a number of entertainers within various market segments and will source these to fulfil the objectives of your event. We will manage the technical riders to ensure the event runs smoothly.


We have established relationships with a number of speaking professionals from different genres and will source the right speakers to fulfil the objectives for your conference or event. We brief speakers carefully, and assist them with practice runs where necessary. We will manage the technical aspects and requirements of the speakers to ensure the successful running of these sessions.

Flow Travel has arranged top professional speakers for many conferences and events around the world.

We also provide a service, through our sister company, Flow Communications, of training emcees and speakers where required.


Flow Travel has a mix of creative professionals who will put their heads together to create memorable promotional items for your event. We can source, deliver and develop branding proposals which align with your corporate identity requirements. We have experience in arranging gifts for delegates at very large conferences of over 1000 people, down to gifts for delegates at small, bespoke gatherings. All distribution of the promotional items either before or during the event can be managed by our team.

Electronic registration

We are able to provide a bespoke electronic registration for your event which we will manage on your behalf. Attendees and delegates can include their food requirements on the online registration forms, which can be shared with the preferred catering company (if not ourselves).

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